Welcome to the Entourage Family!

Entrepreneurs from any industry are welcome here to share entrepreneurial ideas, insights and to ask questions that will help us all grow our businesses. This is a resource for everyone to collaborate and support each other.

The power of any group is the quality of communication within that group and the respect they have for each other.

To ensure the Facebook Group remains world class in every way, here are some guidelines for how we roll.

Terms & conditions:


Our Student Experience Team is very experienced at creating an awesome group environment here in Facebook land and as a result will moderate posts as they see fit. That may involve immediate post removal or a quick message to give you feedback and educate you on how to better both your own experience and the experience of others.


Successes & Wins: This reminds and motivates all what is possible when we implement.

Questions: That our research hasn’t enabled us to find relevant answers in the time frames that we need.

Advice: We are all on this journey together, if we can help prevent others taking the long route then that is always welcomed!

As a member of this legendary group you are invited to post ideas (for feedback to confirm thoughts and strategies), insights (learnings to help others), methodologies (proven strategies you know others could utilise) and updates on your business progress (for accountability). But ALWAYS remember that the intention should always be to help & motivate each other to achieve amazing results.


The real value of this forum is that it’s a place where entrepreneurs can connect with and support each other. We want each and every post to reinforce this and add even more value to the group.

For this reason we ask members not to spruik and sell their services to each other as this would take away from the value of the forum. This does not mean that you cannot share your wins and exciting news, we love that!

But just imagine if every post was an offer of services or a product promotion, the feed would quickly fill up and lose its essence of support and connection.

Make sure to always articulate the aim of the post and how the group can get value from it!


In no way shape or form will we tolerate any unkind or disparaging remarks or attack on anyone or any business for any reason…remember that perception is reality even if our intent is not to offend. Always re-read your posts and ask yourself, “how could this be perceived by someone in a different place or experience level than you?”

These negative types of posts will result in immediate removal from the group without notice, to the benefit of all members.


You get bragging rights when you join the Entourage! We encourage you to share any wins no matter how big or small (a win is win, contrary to many beliefs, size DOESN’T matter!).

We all know that even a small win can make a huge difference, so take this chance to motivate and inspire others and yourself. Just remember that when sharing these wins, to always come from the heart. And to explain what got you there!

The learnings that lead to the win are just as important as the win itself. This can remind other members to implement the same learnings.

E.g. “I just watched Jack Delosa’s video on strategic partnerships and have now created 5 partnerships this week which has now increased my audience reach by 10,000 and created 15 more enquiries for me which had led to 10 sales and over $20,000 in revenue, which I never would have had…why did I not watch this earlier???”

The learning here may remind others to watch the same video – get it?


We would love for you to share your business developments with us but while doing it, ask for feedback so that you are always contributing to the whole groups learning and getting some AWESOME AND FREE market research! Remember that you have hundreds of like-minded Entrepreneurs who are all striving to lead the way in their own fields.

Be happy to be direct and straight to the point e.g. “I have an Expo coming up can I get your feedback on my banner and call to action sign, do you like option 1, 2 or 3? Your feedback is much appreciated.”


If you connect with another member and want to catch up with them outside of The Entourage events to buddy up and keep each other accountable, send them a friend request and contact them directly. This will save the Facebook forum from filling up with catch up feeds! We will always keep you in the loop for all Entourage events but understandably cannot reach out to all members for every catch up that comes up along the way!


If you have any questions regarding your course please email us at [email protected] or call us directly on 1300 496 488. Choosing to use Facebook messaging may lead to a delayed response time as we are on our email much more than Facebook. And remember that for information on workshops please refer to the workshop calendar in the Learning Portal.

These guidelines will get updated from time to time as we learn what works best for you all. Thank you for being a part of this amazing community, get in there and get amongst it!

The Entourage Team